About Me

Who am I? I'm David Griffin. I've been working in the backdrop of Los Angeles since 2001 when my mom bought me a film Pentax K1000. The technical aspect of my career have been self taught. I've assisted and trained under several inspiring photographers including Charles L. Jordan, Carl McKnight and Charles J. Lewis (one of the leading photographers of the Midwest for several decades).  I've transitioned from learning: Headshot, and Wedding photography all the way to classical Portraiture.

After mastering each of these segments of visual communication I transitioned into teaching. I've held several workshops teaching photographers of diverse backgrounds and training them from basic to advanced techniques in photography with a heavy focus on lighting. After publishing over 70 photography related articles that have built or added to the foundation to many of today's photographers (through the now defunct www.studiolighting.net photography blog) I have since moved onto video as well as continuing my passion for creating portraits. 

As an imaging professional I combine both modern and classing: lighting, posing, and camera fundamentals to mold high quality, satisfying and breath-taking images that my clients LOVE, appreciate and need.  Today my evolution as a creative visionary continues onto video production. Projects such as: Artist/Musician Bio Docs, Music Videos, and small business documentaries are just the beginning of what can be created.

Lead Assistant

Groomed from 5 years old, my protege is emerging to an integral part of my business. Developing creative technique and technical skills to match my son Xavier is grooming himself to be a competent photographer himself. Assisting me with countless skillset is being honed to make him a competent and ready photographer and DP. He's sneak peak of the future of Griffin Media... Xavier Griffin.